Spring is usually thought of as the best time of the year to sell your home. However, homes sell all year!  In the winter, you typically don’t have as much competition.

People move throughout the year for various reasons.  Sometimes it’s to relocate due to a change in employment, or maybe because their family is growing.   Or maybe they’re downsizing.

Whatever the reason, moving is exciting.  Moving at holiday time can be a terrifying thought, but with a little planning, it can work out well.  Many families take advantage of some extra days off from work to make it happen.

I personally have moved during the Christmas holiday. I kept things simple.  I kept out a few favorite holiday decorations and the tree with ornaments.  I quickly made our new home feel Santa-ready!  I could read my children The Night Before Christmas in their new rooms in our new home!  It was very exciting!  Moving right before Christmas worked out well for us and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!

Maureen McCarty
Pioneer Real Estate Services